Monday, 27 April 2009

Cross Referencing DP and Gibbons Numbers

A recent email from Lee asked "Do I know of a site that cross referenced DP and Gibbons booklet pane numbers."

As most collectors know DP and DB numbers are copyright of the MBPC and they can not be used in catalogues or online without express permission from the circles committee.

One website I have found that has permission to list this information is Machin Dealer Denis Stevens. I do not normally advertise dealers websites, but in this instance as the information is very helpful to collectors and Dennis allows me to uses certain images from his site I will pass this on to you.

All stitched booklet panes are listed along with images, these not only show the phosphor configuration and perforation codes of the MBPC but also give a cross reference to Gibbons booklet pane numbers and Scott.
Shown left is a pane I downloaded from Denis site. This gives you a idea of the detail and information that the website lists. Well worthy of the link I added sometime ago in the left hand column.

2p x 2, ½p x 2 se-tenant horizontal

OC9ar - 2p x 2, 1/2p x 2 se-tenant horizontal, OCP/PVA, sideways print right, perforation type P (DP11) (S.G. USB2) (Stoneham MP5)
Also available in OCP sideways print left.

OC9al - 2p X 2, 1/2p X 2 se-tenant horizontal, OCP/PVA, sideways print left, perforation type P (DP11) (S.G. USB2) (Stoneham MP5)

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