Saturday, 18 April 2009

Keep Smiling

Nothing what so ever to do with Machins, sorry about this, but I feel I have to have another dig at Royal Mail for flooding the market (once again) with stamps that will never see the light of day on a genuine letter used for postage.

I suspect that the majority of collectors are far from smiling these days, not when they learn that another private sheet of themed Smilers Sheets were released in April . How many is this to date? Just for April alone I know of at least three. When will it ever end?

This time in conjunction with Royal Mail it is Rushstamps who are the culprits, they have released yet another new themed smilers sheet entitled Earl Shilton Rocks!
The new Earl Shilton Scout Group Sheet features 20 x 1st Class Harry Potter stamps and commemorates the Centenary Year (1909-2009) of the Hinckley District Scout Council.
If you actually have piles of spare cash and really want these. They are only available from the one source.
Personally (like the miniature sheet) I think they are hideous.

Obviously this is not a recommendation to buy, just an observation.


Anonymous said...

Stick to Machins. No one is interested in this crap.


Machin Man said...

Speak for your self JB. A lot of people actually buy this crap.

Ian - Norvic said...

How can you blame Royal Mail now, two years after the original HP Smilers sheet was first issued? This isn't a new Royal Mail issue, it's simply Earl Shilton scouts climbing on the Smilers bandwagon to raise funds for their very worthwhile cause.

I sold bankrupt goods to help our troop, somebody has come up with a different idea. If stamp collectors wish to buy what are actually personalised Smilers sheets that is up to them.