Thursday, 30 April 2009

Miniature Machins

This is not exactly news, but a recap of information regarding two stamps which were issued in February 2000. These stamps which I describe were only available from one source ( pane of 6) 2 x 38p 2 Bars and 4 x 19p side bar, joined se-tenant vertically.

The 4 x 19p right Bar stamps are inset right from the perforations. DG 190.14.1 (I2)

Available from the Special By Design Prestige booklet these stamps are also different from the norm in the fact that the printed part of the stamps are of a smaller scale. The inter stamp gutters are 3 mm which is 0.5mm bigger than the similar booklet stamps (2.5 mm borders) with x 4 stamps of the same values. 02.5 mm is the usual sized border for machins.

The booklets x 4 19p and 38p values were issued on 26th April 1999.

You can notice these larger borders on the images left. Compare them to a normal stamp.

Just for those of you that use Deegam Handbooks notations there are two different profiles for this 38p value DG380.5.2 (S10) short bar top left and DG380.5.2A (S10) (I1) which is short top left and inset left. I should also mention that these stamps from the Prestige Booklet also have a different perforation to the norm: IE 13.75 x 14

All 3 booklets described above were printed by Walsall Security Printers in gravure.

Please note : Counter sheet stamps also exist which are printed by De La Rue.

I am most grateful to Douglas G. A Myall (Deegam publications) for his help and agreement for the use of his Deegam 1982 copyright SIN System

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