Friday, 5 June 2009

Closed Chapters, Never Say Never !

Ian Billings has left us a link, to his website which shows all of the panes from the Royal Navy Uniforms Prestige booklet. Thanks Ian, much appreciated.

"This means that the Machin definitives and flags stamps are new (the flags stamps previously being printed by Questa, although the White Ensign was printed by Cartor in a Smilers Sheet, and by De La Rue for the 2008 James Bond prestige stamp book.)"

What I find more interesting is this fact, which he describes on his blog. In this post which refers to the Treasures of the (Postal) Archive PSB - 18th August we will see more new versions of old stamps.

Expect 2 panes of Machins

Of interest to Machinites he informs us that another closed Machin chapter will be re-opened. The 1990 double Headed stamps are to be re-issued after 20 years.

Ians post

"Pane 1 has four 1st and four 20p Definitives, both stamps bearing the double image of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria from the 150th anniversary of the Penny Black stamps, set around a Penny Post label first issued in 1990, with the Penny Black portrait of Queen Victoria in the background."

These double headed definitive stamps are to be printed by Walsall in Litho, if they have phosphor bands they will be new stamps.

How many new Machins is that this year? I count at least 50 !

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