Tuesday, 9 June 2009

New, Trial Machin Label

I heard a whisper last week that a new Security trial Machin Horizon label was on the cards. The fact this was a gold label with a Machin head and a new type of security slit design intrigued me, but as I had no verification and needed more facts I dismissed it at the time.

This verification has now come our way via Ian of Norvic philatelics who writes on his blog and website with some up to date news and photos. Many thanks Ian, what would we do without you?.

From what I can see in a blow up of Ian's image (left), the security slits are more of double wavy lines (both sides) in the shape of a broken figure S which is reversed rather than the paperclip type security slits produced on regular self adhesive sheet and booklet stamps.

The trial label was obtainable only as one value. Ian informs us that it "was trialled at the Branch Post Office at Camden High Street, in London, on Monday 8th June. The new labels were printed by De La Rue, and were available only for the Special Delivery service, costing £4.95.

To date, I believe these labels are only available used, as are all Horizon Labels. Specimens were sent out to just a few people as first day covers. The wavy text in the background does not seem to have any security coding in the wording "ROYAL MAIL"

Keep tuned in, we will bring you more news if and when this label goes nationwide.

For a full account of Ian's post please go to his blog at norphil.blogspot.com

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