Monday, 1 June 2009

Quiz Winner

First I will describe the prize (picture left). You will notice that this stamp has letters in all four corners(NL). These were an early anti forgery device. The letters differ from stamp to stamp. The upper pair if present in all four corners are the reverse of the lower pair.

Further classification depends on the water mark and plate number. This has a wmk type Orb and the plate number on both sides of stamp near the top. This plate number (20) is clearly seen in the top right.

Enter the value 2½d and colour (blue) to the equation and we can ascertain the catalogue number, which is SG142. The average used catalogue price for this in 2009 collect Gibbons Stamps is now in the region of £42. I think this stamp can be described as average.

Now for the winner, congratulations go to Dennis Wallick who had a grand total of 24. Runner up was Michael Dodd with a total of 19.

Well done Dennis, I hope you enjoy your prize. Please email me your postal address and I will forward it on to you.

Many thanks to everyone who took out the time to enter. Here are Dennis answers.

style (font)
size (small or wide)
phosphor Screen
regional symbol
symbol type
large" designation
head Type
paper Type
cancellation date
Size (width) of bar(s)
color of bar(s)
type of phosphor (visible under LW or SW light)
placement of bars
printing method employed (photo, EME, litho, etc.)
vertical by Horizontal measurements
straight edges/cut edges
torn or cut perforations
perforations size, syncopated perfs ellipses
security slit type, security hidden Code

Total 24


Dennis Wallick said...

Outstanding! I never thought I was such a good Machin scholar. I will keep it up and perhaps be tempted into exhibiting someday ...


nnnnnn said...

Congratulations Dennis. Am feeling good for you.. seriously I am happy you won..

I will deal with Roy when I next see him :-) probably cost me a beer or two or three... as he disqualified so many of my entries as being too pedantic ha ha ha ha.. I submitted 50... he is a hard task master, but the expert boss man and I respect his judgement Thanks Roy.. great competition.. you can do more?

Michael... soaking wet in rainy Sydney

Dennis Wallick said...


My submission totalled 31, which Roy reduced to 24. While this has the feel of an Olympic judging event, I intend to proudly display my metal and hope that the Machin authorities do not show up to test me for steroids.