Sunday, 14 June 2009

More Machin News (June 2009)

( Updated) Some time ago Larry posted the Stanley Gibbons numbers for the new self adhesive Security Slit stamps on the Machin Forum. I have reproduced this post here just in case it is of interest to anyone.

"The Gibbons numbers are in! The Catalogue Supplement in the June issue lists the following numbers:"

Specialist Catalogues will no doubt break these down even further to incorporate the background security wording and oval cut variations.

Sheet Stamps De La Rue

U2911 - 2nd bright blue
U2912 - 1st gold
U2913 - 2nd large bright blue
U2914 - 1st large gold
U2915 - 50p grey
U2916 - £1 magenta
U2917 - £1.50 brown-red
U2918 - £2 deep blue-green
U2919 - £3 deep mauve
U2920 - £5 azure

Booklet Stamps
Walsall Security Printers

U2931 - 2nd bright blue
U2932 - 1st gold
U2933 - 2nd large bright blue
U2934 - 1st large gold

Concorde Booklets (Updated)

I now have assured conformation from a reliable source that informs me the third Design Classics themed retail booklet to be issued in August will contain 4 x 1st NVI gold and 2 x 1st NVI Concorde special issue stamps.

Sorry for any confusion, I was informed (as above) that these would contain 2 x Concorde special issues, however I think this was a typo, the image below clearly shows 1 x 1st class x Spitfire and 1 x 1st class Concorde stamps. I am assuming that this will be the norm.

Hidden Code Letters

Again for this booklet, the Machin 1st NVI stamps will exhibit a hidden Code Letter in the wavy line iridescent 'Royal Mail' text. The 'A' of the word 'MAIL' is replaced by 'C' in just one instance - above the central cross.

Thus the word will appear as 'MCIL'

Using Douglas Myalls information, the hidden code in the background text C = ROYAL MCIL, C stands for Custom.

The booklets will be produced by Walsall and printed in Gravure on self adhesive paper.

For more information which includes security slits and hidden codes go to our previous posting

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Ian - Norvic said...

The Philatelic Bulletin received today describes and pictures a 2 x Concorde booklet.

If you and others are assuming that there will be a Spitfire purely on the basis of the booklet that I pictures on our website back in January, that was a mock-up as was the mini-car booklet. The mock-up was based on the firm information given by Royal Mail that there would be a Spitfire+Concorde booklet in September (later announced as postponed until January 2010). Sadly even the trade (Key Account) part of Tallents House only finds out about these changes after they have been made and only confirms them when dealers ask!

"With regards to the changing schedule of these booklets, I
am afraid that these decisions are made by our colleagues in London and are well outwith our control."
If even the two Phiatelic hands of Royal Mail can't get together, what hope is there for the Philatelic side and any other part of the organisation or PO Ltd?!