Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Machin Booklets With Unprinted Stamps

Dummy booklets are nothing new to Machin collectors as there have been several different types on the market over the years.

Last week I spotted two new varieties of dummies for sale on eBay. I mention these on this blog as I have not heard of them or seen them before, so perhaps no one else has either.

GB 12 x 1st & 12 x 2nd Machin Booklets Blank Unprinted Stamps

The items For sale were described as:

Printed by Walsall Security printers. One of each 12 x 1st class & 12 x 2nd class NVI self adhesive Machin dummy booklets, with blank white labels instead of 1st & 2nd class Machin stamps.

These are perforated with the normal elliptical perforations (same as normal stamps) but do not have phosphor bands.

A photograph of the 1st class booklet is shown above left.
The items sold at a buy it now price of £27.99p.

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