Thursday, 3 September 2009

More Birmingham Postmarks

Like most philatelists I have many interests, not just Machins. One of these interests is a collection of old postcards depicting Birmingham cancels and local scenes from my area. I like to compare the scenes with recent cards or photographs. If anyone is interested in this type of postal history I will scan a few to show you. Let me know !

Born in Birmingham, West Midlands and a Machin collector the other fascination I have always had are Machin definitve covers bearing special hand stamped postmarks depicting Birmingham or Birmingham streets.

Recently I showed you some cacheted Machin covers from Adrian Bradley bearing special local hand stamps from the area where I used to live.

Ian Billings often produces several others on his website. thanks to Ian I can show you these.

Above: The Kings Head, Alcester Road: And one of my all time favourites Machin Road to name but two.

Although I no longer purchase these (due to the fact I can no longer afford them). I have always been particularly keen out of interest to find newer covers bearing the names of local streets etc that I know. I find them even more interesting if the Street relates to my own life history in some way.

One other recent set of Machin covers from Bradbury bear the name, Birmingham, Queen Elizabeth Road . This road I know very well. These are again are limited edition covers with a special hand stamp. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Below in order are three covers:

New security Machins (low values)

New security Machins (high values)

New values for April 2009 (rate change)

By the way, if you do not like the content of these posts please do let me know, just because I or Larry are interested in a certain subject does not necessary mean that you are too. If you have Machin material you would like us to show others or if you like a subject that you would like us to mention, again please send us scans or let us know.


Anonymous said...

Whats a Cachet?

Machin Man said...

In philately, a cachet is a printed or stamped design or inscription on an envelope, postcard, or postal card to commemorate a postal or philatelic event. There are official RM and private cachets.

Ian - Norvic said...

it's an American expression. In the UK we generally refer to FDC design(er), or cover design(er).

In America they refer to 'Cachet Makers'.