Sunday, 4 October 2009

1st Class Silver and £1 Gold

When I browse eBay, which is not very often these days, I always look for the unusual or something Machin related that I have not seen before.

Today I picked out two items to show you. The first is a solid gold replica of a £1 Machin, described as:

"The 1973 £1 Machin & Penny Black Gold Definitive Stamp Replicas. 38.05 grammes nearly 1 and1/4 ounces of 22ct gold, this is number 1734 of 3000 sets issued on the 18th of June 1973."

In 1973, Hallmark Replicas issued a number of 7p replica stamps in 22 carat gold, probably struck by the Royal Mint in London.

These medallions above are similar and reproduce the design of the £1 definitive stamps issued in 1973. I have not studied the perforations to see if they are accurate, but the Machin portrait and the £1 sign look to be a good likeness.

The second item is a silver 1st class Machin, this can be yours if you are prepared to pay over the odds.

Although it is something I have not come across before and it stands out as a genuine rare stamp, it does not appeal to me as a collectors item. Perhaps this is because it has no certificate or if I'm honest it could be the price that puts me off.

It is described as: 1st class Machin definitive silver colour trial ' SG1668. Elliptical pef. Printed by De La Rue as a trial in silver. Circa 2004. Superb and very rare.

What do you make of it? This (below) is the actual image the seller used in the listing.

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