Thursday, 12 November 2009

A Second Machin Cast

On Machin Mania we try to pass on Machin related news as soon as it becomes known to us. So without more of ado here is what we have learned today.

I gasped with amazement when I received this by email this morning . It is a press release sent from Cuttlestones Auctioneers.


Sometimes lightening can strike twice, as Head Auctioneer Ben Gamble discovered this week when he was presented with a large cast of the Queen's head for valuation. He recognised it instantly as the iconic profile of her Royal Highness used on over 200 billion stamps, originally crafted in 1967 by the late sculptor Arnold Machin - and the second such plaque Cuttlestones has been graced with selling.

The find is all the more remarkable given the rarity of the casts - in 2008, Cuttlestones were commissioned to sell the contents of Machin's family home, Garmelow Manor, just outside Eccleshall, Stafford. A chance discovery led to the inclusion in the sale of a similar relief mould carved by Machin in 1967, and which finally sold for over £15,000 to a London Institute.

You may remember we covered the original sale of listed items from Machins Garmelow Estate at the time, here on this blog.

Continued ;

Ben says:

“When I was presented with the plaque, I was lost for words. We were amazed that the Garmelow cast had survived, so to find another is truly amazing. For the past thirty years, it has been in the possession of a Hereford family who inherited it from a family member who lived in Stoke-on-Trent. It’s really quite remarkable – these items are highly breakable and there would have only been a few made, so we really are lucky to have come across a second in such great condition.”

The plaque, expected to generate considerable excitement among the stamp collecting fraternity and private collectors alike, is set to be included in Cuttlestones’ November 27th Fine Art Sale, the full catalogue for which will be available from Friday 20th November 2009. Commission bids, telephone bidding and live internet bidding services are also available.


Do you fancey a bid? For further details call Ben Gamble on 01785 714905.

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