Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Got Any Small Change Guv?

Have you got a spare £11 grand hanging around that you would like to part with? Not exactly small change for anyone, never mind us poor Machin collectors.

If you do have a few bob and the answer is yes, you may like to purchase something quite unique in the Machin world.

I was browsing a well known Machin dealers website recently and came across these two items described as: 1990 Anniversary of the 1d Black. ERRORS '19p' instead of '20p' and printed in blue, and '19p' instead of '20p' and printed in orange".

The dealer in question invites potential buyers to make an offer in the region of £5,500 for each lot.
His description: "Just one group of four stamps in different colours existed in private hands (black,black/cream,blue & orange) each stamp as a consequence being Unique. Apparently they are listed in the Pierron Book of errors and described as - " A Magnificent. SG1469 variant"

I agree they are very nice, exquisite and very unusual, but I think to myself no thanks. I know I am a Machin nut but not an insane one. Even if I had this kind of loose change tucked under my mattress, her indoors would hang me out to dry by my proverbials or just kill me if I spent it on a few stamps.

My inner self tells me , if I want to hang on to my manhood and live just that little bit longer it would make perfect sense to keep her happy and continue to sleep on my rather lumpy bed for the time being.

Then again I can take that world cruise I promised myself or better still , coming back to reality pay it off my mortgage.


GBStamps said...

These look like color trials to me, especially that they are 19p, which was the first-class rate in 1989 as these stamps were being finalized.

Nice items, but definitely for people with deep pockets.


nnnnnn said...

Are they really for real??

Never heard of them before??

Happy New Year Roy

Best wishes.. Michael

Ian - Norvic said...

You really do have to question the "well known Machin dealers" who described these on his website as "1990 Anniversary of the 1d Black. ERRORS "

Quite clearly they are NOT errors, and should not be described as such. They are either trials or proofs (but can they be described as proofs if they were not issued?), they may even be stolen from the printers.

There is an awful lot of stolen material out there at present, from the 00 values, to the 1st class silver and the sheets with 'approved' DLR rubber stamp on the reverse of the cylinder block.

We know they have not been legitimately sold by Royal Mail or by the BPMA so they must be stolen - discuss!!

Happy New Year!