Tuesday, 12 January 2010

More On Price Increases

The new prices come in to effect on Tuesday 6th April 2010. If you would like to look up the new prices, just view the document below to get straight to the updated price table for that particular service.

One stamp we did not mention in the last post was in fact left in the comments, a £1.46p value. This is indicated in the table. There is no mention of make up 19p or 25p values, how unusual is that?

Dated December 2009, page 30 of this document suggests which stamps will be available (from which source). No new security self adhesive values are mentioned. Page 32 indicates the prices of stamp booklets x 4 that will on sale after the increase.

Read more about the new prices (PDF 432KB (opens in a new window)

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Ian Rose said...

A couple of gems from the same document:-
- no 9p makeup stamp (section 44 page numbered 30)
- 5 international stamp books of 4 instead of the present 3 (section 49 page numbered 32)