Friday, 5 February 2010

Another Double Headed Machin

Two new Miniature Sheets - 6 & 8 May 2010 are to be issued for the London Festival of Stamps Exhibition.

The first, will be issued on 6 May. The title of this sheet will be The Centenary of the King's Accession.

This will bear a new Machin 'Double-head' stamp, George V and Elizabeth II and a second (vertical se-tenant) £1.00 value showing the two heads of George V used on stamps of his reign.

The double-head Machin stamp will also be issued in ordinary sheets. Can we expect more than one value?

The second miniature sheet, goes on sale on 8 May, which is the opening day of the London 2010 exhibition.

This bears 4 stamps, two of which featuring 1st class NVIs with reprints of the British Empire Exhibition stamps of 1924, ( the first GB commemorative ) plus two £1.00 values showing reprints of the original 10 shilling and £1 'Seahorse' high values.

They should please you Michael, and please do use them on your own blog. I like them, very much I might add.


GBStamps said...

The stamp-on-stamp designs and the St. George design are not engraved, are they?


Ian - Norvic said...

The second miniature sheet (seahorses) is litho & intaglio, so yes.

But the first (St George) is litho only.