Monday, 22 February 2010

Hints & Tips Double Check Your Kilo Ware

Here we have two examples of the Enschedé printing of 2nd class NVI Bright Blue. This is the issue with the Landscape Design.

The first image on the left (stamp A) shows a stamp with a larger printed area and a small frame and the one on the right (stamp B) which I believe is the norm has a smaller printed area and a larger frame.

I have not actually seen these stamps my self, but I do remember Douglas Myall writing about them in his Deegam Report some time ago. These pics were borrowed of the web.


When checking your kilo ware, before discarding any as duplicates it will pay to double check these stamps as Stamp A is now sought after in fine used condion and is selling for as much as £100 for a nice example.

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