Friday, 30 April 2010

Machin News May 2010

Norvic Philatelics have now received supplies of the London 2010 Festival of Stamps Souvenir Sheet, containing 11 Machin definitives printed by Cartor.

These are all new stamps and should be catalogued as such in specialised lists.

On his blog pages Ian has posted ACTUAL images (and makes observations) of the individual stamps when he compared them to De La Rue sheet printings.

I have not studied them closely or at length, but on first impressions they are very different. The background and Queens portrait from the Cartor printings are much darker, it is also quite noticeable that the values seem to be set higher compared to the De La Rue sheet stamps.

Ian did not mention the type of paper, or if the sheet contained a phosphor. Perhaps he could pass this information on to us via a comment.

Ian has also posted news and scans of the PUC £1 facsimiles. Just one word from me describes these.


Read Ian's report here and keep tuned in, May is (as if we did not know) the month when the London 2010 Festival will bring to the fold more issues than we can swing a cat at.

If you have it, I am looking for news of short, and inset phosphor bands, also errors (if any), just reply to this post or send me an email.

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Ian - Norvic said...

Mea culpa.

As everybody will be aware, these have been busy times!

They all have two phosphor bands as you have now pointed out, Roy, and the value positioning is different to the DLR sheet stamps, but the difference is less marked on the 3 top values, I think. Time later for more detailed study - by others probably.

Hope to see you at the show, Roy. Larry has my number.