Friday, 9 April 2010

New Coils of 500 & 1000

Deegam report 87 (April 2010) is now online and as usual it has all the latest information on current Machins. Included in this report is news of two new Machins due for release on 13th May.

These are in fact in coil form, 500 & 1000, they will consist of 1st class NVI and 2nd class NVI. Unlike the previous coil stamps these will have conventional PVAl gum but will not have security slits, they will however still have the security overprint possibly with the code letter R.

Ian rose has drawn my attention to the Hampsted Casle website who informs his customers of another find.

Unexpected Walsall background changes!

In addition to the Letter above the crown, the Year is now also indicated in the background security print front of the Queen's forehead.

Seen so far: 2nd class from a booklet of 12 code T + the numerals 10. 1st class from one or more of the custom booklets, code C + the numerals 10. And lastly, 1st class with code S booklets of 6 and the numeral 10.

Popping over to Norvic Philatelics blog, Ian Billings has already confirmed these reports (and another find). Ian has laid out all the current information and images supplied via Machin dealer Alec Withell. I recommend a visit.

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Ian - Norvic said...

In a follow-up post on the blog I'm trying to record some 'earliest known dates' of used examples for these.

The 6 x 1st (MSIL) should have been available during February and March (this was the one with the new URL on the postcode advert) but the earliest so far recorded is 30 March. Watch the pre-kiloware!

Ian (Norvic)