Friday, 21 May 2010

Another Machin Nutter

On Wednesday I was guest speaker at The Torrevieja Philatelic Society, where I did a presentation on the Machin. This went down very well and was attended by about 30 people.

I was suprised to learn that at least a dozen of the members collected Machins in one form or another and we had a questions and answers half hour after the talk.

Most of the questions asked referred to the new security slit stamps, of which I mentioned in the presentation. Along with some images copied from this and Ian's blog (they the members) found them fascinating, the dates incorporated into the various stamps along with the different booklet codes etc was news to the majority.

Obviously they did not follow our blogs, so I borrowed a lap top to show them what they are missing. Needless to say we now have another load of regular visitors, one chap sent me an e-mail today informing me he stayed up all night and read the whole 498 posts.

Another Machin nutter joins the fold.

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Adrian said...

I was gonna ask whether you'd had to do your presentations in Spanish or whether you could get by speaking in English, but then I saw on the society's website that there's hardly (if any) Spanish blood there anyway!