Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A Different Kind of Machin Collection

The BPMA blog announced recently that they and Royal Mail have licensed the Machin image to a company called Gift Republic. Gift Republic has developed what they call their “Stamp Collection” – a range of household items featuring images of Machin stamps, complete with elliptical perfs.

Included in the range are gift cards, notebooks and mugs.

Shipping charges to the US are currently outrageous, but as you can see from my comment and their reply on the blog, they hope to have a US distributor in the future.

The items were on sale at the Royal Mail booth at London 2010, so I purchased the A5 spiral-bound notebook.

The colors of the Machins on these items are somewhat close to the actual colors … except that they turned the 1p blue! That spoils the effect for me - I don't understand why they didn't just go and get an actual dark blue Machin instead.

So if you'd like to take your notes in a Machin notebook, send your friends a Machin card, or drink your coffee from a Machin mug, now you can do it!


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