Sunday, 29 August 2010

Free Machin Album (but donate!)

I have often used Robin Harris' excellent Machin web site as a reference. I hadn't seen it recently, so I took a look the other day.

I discovered that Robin is offering four sets of album pages for Machins. The first album, 'Basic,' features every major value and color. Right now that includes 449 different stamps. The illustrations on the pages are in color (making them nice to look at even with no real stamps on them!).

The album is a downloadable pdf file. Though Robin is offering it free, he does accept a $5 donation. I urge anyone who downloads the pages to make the donation to help Robin cover his costs and indirectly thank him for his excellent web site.

The second album is 'Novice' level, which includes varieties that need some basic collecting tools to identify. The tools include a perforation gauge, magnifying glass and ultraviolet lamp. There are two versions, one organized by type, the other by denomination.

This album costs $30 Canadian, but there are two free four-page samples that will give you an idea of the varieties that are included.

Still to come are 'Intermediate' and 'Specialized' level versions.

The page offering the albums has a nice checklist that compares the four versions. Payment is made through Paypal, so credit cards are accepted and currency conversion is not a problem.


PS Robin, I hope you don't mind that I 'borrowed' your site logo for this post.

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