Monday, 6 December 2010

More Forgeries Come To Light

Once again David Allwright has sent me a picture (copyright acknowledged) which is an unusual copy of another of the latest Machin forgery. However this one is with a difference as it is not only a forgery but one with part of the value tablet omitted.

David informed me that he has purchased several other copies (listed below) and made an offer on others which has now been accepted, these are listed in group two.

The list is as follows:

2 complete mint booklets
8 singles on individual covers
1 cover with 3 examples
1 special delivery cover with 10 examples on.

Group Two

First type PiP 1st class forgery with Dec 04 clear postmark,
First PiP 1st class forgery with misplaced perfs,
The one mentioned above which is of the latest type (white head) with missing ST.

Many thanks David I am very grateful to you, I am sure our readers will find this news very interesting.

As these were purchased from the same vendor, it is my guess (I could be wrong) that the covers could have been manufactured by the same person.

I think this deserves a debate, what do you think?

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Robert said...

I think it is interesting to note that the 'ST' can still be seen very ghostly in this image.