Tuesday, 29 March 2011

New Definitive Rates & Values.

I have had a couple of emails from collectors who are concerned that they are having difficlty finding stocks of the new 2011 Self Adhesive Machin Definitives. Most Post Offices at this time do not have stocks of these values which are if you did not know 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p.

The new specification is being introduced to the five make-up values above and the date for 3rd April was given for release. They were actually released in March 2011. The stamps include, security slits but no iridescent overprint. They will have 2 Phosphor Bars. Just a thought, perhaps they have something planned to impliment the overprint at a later date.

The current PVA gummed Machin Definitive sheet stamps of 200, are still sold at Post Offices in 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p values, and from what I have seen and told they will be available for quite a while untill stocks are exhausted. Eventually being converted to this uniform self-adhesive format, in sheets of 25.

These new designs incorporate the new revised slit features. As with previous self adhesive security stamps the slits do not affect the removal of the stamps from the backing sheets, but are designed (together with the new gum) to prevent the removal of used stamps from envelopes for misuse. The new features will (as with previous security stamps) impact on collectors of used stamps as the new laminate and slits do not allow stamps to be removed from the envelope without a great deal of difficulty.

Royal Mail have said " whilst this is unfortunate for collectors of used stamps, it does reflect the need for them (Royal Mail) to ensure that postal revenues are protected."

As these definitives are not being classed as a new issue there is no First Day of Availability so there will be no First Day Envelope, First, Day Cover or Presentation Pack.

I have been informed these 5 values values will however be added to the Tariff pack planned for 06 April 2011. Is a tarif pack not a Presentation Pack?

The 2011 New Tariff Change Values issue date was 29.03.2011, they are all Self Adhesive Machin Definitives, values are 68p, 76p, £1.10 & £1.65. These are all printed by DLR in gravure with the iridescent overprint. They will have 2 Phosphor Bars, and incorporate the iridescent M11L year coding.



Anonymous said...

I believe that a "Tariff pack" is a presentation pack containing new issues for a specific tariff increase, whereas the "normal" presentation pack contains all available Machins + regionals.


Ian - Norvic said...

Something really odd is happening with these definitive packs. I received definitive pack 90 from the bureau with all 9 stamps in as shown in 'first' (although 'first' shows them as loose not on backing paper).

The supplies sent to Nowich crown PO had only the 4 tariff change values in, and a similar pack was bought in Nottingham this morning.

We've done a price check and the packs are sold at 53p above face value. In this case the face value of the tariff pack includes the 38p from the low values (total £5.10).

I've contacted RM Stamps on twitter. I thought this had been fixed when Norwich were alerted 2 weeks ago. Doh!

(Oh, and welcome back, Roy!!)

Ian - Norvic said...

And I should have said that the Tariff 2011 Presentation Pack is available from 29 March, not 6 April.