Thursday, 21 April 2011

I always pay my debts

Watch your mailbox, Roy!



brian sinnott said...

Wait until you see the one in the Thomas retail booklet! They will break all the rules so far... And the '11' is nothing to do with the year of printing as you will see some '12's before too much longer..

Douglas said...

The Machins in my Thunderbirds book have year code M11L. Royal Mail's Bulletin stated they are MA11 but although I pointed out the error it has, so far, not been corrected. (MA11 has been seen only on the large letter stamps.) So who is paying whom please? If anyone has a Thunderbirds book with MA10 I will swap one of mine for it.


GBStamps said...

I said, based on nothing more than a guess, that the Thunderbirds book would have a MA10 code. Roy said it would have MA11. Even though it turned out to be a different code with the number 11, I considered the friendly bet to be 10 vs 11, so I'm paying him.


brian sinnott said...

ok the rule breaking didnt happen with Thomas, Willaim and Kate got in the way although not issued! So we have to wait for Arnold to make his mark.. AM.