Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I Could Not Win a Sausage, But I Have Found Love

Typical me, I have a bet and the very next day I get an email with this information.

"We may yet get high-value stamps with 2010 or 2011 dates, and Special Delivery stamps with 2011 dates later in the year." Oh well its only 2p !!

The weather has been great here in Spain. So much so, we had residential BBQ. A great day.

Afterwards in the cool evening air, my self and my wife retired to the porch in front of the house.
I consumed a few more beers and spent a little time going through some of my Machin booklets. My wife sat with her tonic water quietly knitting.

Out of the blue, I remarked "I Love You."
"Is that the beer talking" she quipped."
"No" I said "its me talking to my beer and stamp booklets"

CHEERS !! I hope you all had a nice Easter

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