Friday, 8 April 2011

William Morris Prestige Pane

Above the cover of the William Morris Prestige Booklet

Ian Billings has posted actual images of the stamps and some more information regarding the William Morris Machin Pane. It was expected that these stamps would be of the self adhesive type, and they are. What we were all wondering was will they all have the security overprint? Ian shows the scans of all values and the conclusion is, the 5p & 10p are without the security overprint, but the 50p shows the M11L and MPIL year and source codes. The printers are Walsall security Print so all values are new at DG level 1. See the images here and read about other aspects of this this issue.

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Anonymous said...

The t5hree Machin self-adhesives will be new at DG level 2, not level 1