Sunday, 15 May 2011

Machin News

Basically I have already given most of the Machin news in previous posts. Machins are never boring are they? There is always something to write about.

The latest information not yet announced on these pages concerns future booklets which will be available through the summer months.

First to appear will be on the 23rd August 2011, this is a mixed retail booklet which will be entitled Classic Locomotives of England. It has been reported to be printed by Walsall security printers. Contents are expected to be - 6 x 1st-class (4 gold Machins and 2 x 1st class Classic Locomotives of England special issues). The price will be £2.76. Background hidden codes may change if the speculation about previous booklets is correct. We will have to wait and see.

On the 9th September you can look forward to another overpriced Prestige booklet - Centenary of Aerial Post. Printers are expected to Cartor. The price (as with the previous Prestige Booklet) is expected be 10% over face: £10.07.

A few questions arise. Will this booklet contain another self adhesive pane of Machins? Will the SA pane be printed by Walsall in gravure? Will ALL stamps on this pane contain some sort of background hidden code? If so, what sort of code? It will be interesting to find out.

The 15th Sepember will be a date in which the last (for this year) Olympic & Paralympic Games booklet of 6 will be issued. Printers are again expected to be Walsall Security Print. Contents are described as : (six x 1st class, 4 x gold Machin / topics for the special issues are: 1 x Gymnastics / 1 x Fencing). Again these will be priced at £2.76 . It is not known what sort of code will appear. Royal Mail tend to keep this information quiet as Ian explained, this is supposed to be a security code.

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