Sunday, 5 June 2011

Rumours were Wrong

  • We recently wrote a report that the Thomas The Tank - custom booklet should have a change of background code.

    I am sorry to inform that this is not the case. Douglas Myall recently wrote to me with the news that Brian (who brought it to our attention) has got it wrong.

    His e mail is reproduced below.

I have a copy of this book in front of me. The security definitives are MCIL M11L. They are identical to the Machins in the two previous custom books. I cannot see any sign of Brian's prediction that they "would break all the rules". Have I overlooked something?


Anonymous said...

Has Thomas the Tank Engine been bought out by Postman Pat now?

Machin Man said...

OK I got it wrong, thanks for the nudge..LOL

Brian Sinnott said...

I appear to have pre-empted some of the chnages, but they are still in the pipeline.. unfortunatly we wont see the unissued William and Kate 1st Clas x 6 book with the W C overprint.. pariz

Anonymous said...

Brian didn't say there would be a chnage of code, he said the booklet would break the rules so far , perhaps you need to look harder !

Ian - Norvic said...

No apparent changes in the Olympics 5 booklet either.