Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Future Of Machin Printing

I had an interesting email from Ian Rose today in which he pointed out that the world's largest banknote printer has announced plans to shut two of its UK sites, in Dunstable and Basingstoke.

Apparently De La Rue has announced plans to move its Security Print production in Dunstable to Gateshead. A question that is not answered in the press release, will this also affect the printing of stamps?

De La Rue have stated "it was too early to say how many jobs would be lost and it hoped many staff could be relocated."

A spokesman for De La Rue, which prints notes for the Bank of England and 150 other countries, said: "It is envisaged that this relocation will be completed within 18 months."

An update will be given with De La Rue's half year results at the end of November. You can read the full report here


Douglas said...

The really interesting question is: "Where will the ATN press go?"

Lewis N. Clark said...

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