Sunday, 20 November 2011

Site And Traffic Overview

I had a little time on my hands today so I took a trip into the Google Blog settings for this site. I have often wondered how many visitors we get and I was very surprised to find a page informing me of an overview to the visitors that actually frequent the site.

For your information here are some of the statistics.

Page Views today

Page views yesterday

Page Views last month

Page Views all time history

Main Countries that visit

United Kingdom 39,715, United States 17,337, Canada 5,611, France 3,647 , Netherlands 3,590,
Australia 2,762, Germany 2,440, Spain 1,374, Italy 1,095, Ukraine 453

It is nice to see that so many people are interested in the content we provide. From myself and Larry many thanks to you all. Without your comments and questions we could not keep the blog going. With your help and contributes we hope to continue with the service for a long time to come.

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