Friday, 2 December 2011

Miniature Machins

Browsing through old posts on the Machin Forum I came upon this little gem with information from one of the members describing it. (below)

It looks like a sheet of stamps, but is it?

"I don't know about a sheet but the design, including the "label" (which is really the title) was used for the cover of presentation book issued by the Post Office in 1972 on the Queen's silver wedding anniversary. See the text for CP4 on page 6 of Appendix 11 of the Deegam Handbook. Only 2000 such packs were issued."

This forum has been running now for as long as this blog and has some really good discussions with valued information on the Machin definitive. I do not know why but it has gone a little quiet of late. hence this little plug

If you are not yet a member and would like to contribute, or just ask questions here is the link to browse and or join.

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Anonymous said...

" ... it has gone a little quiet of late ..."

True enough. However I've watched this ebb and flow of postings for years also. There are times I want to pinch my monitor's screen to see if it is working when the the forum is dormant for a week or so. Then some question or comment will light off the discussions and for a while there are multiple postings every day.
Then the cycle repeats.
Do you think scans of naked girls would help ?
Or will just topless photos of members a la Putin suffice ?
Lecanto, Florida