Thursday, 8 December 2011

Norvic Philatelics

Last week Larry introduced us to Adrian Kepple and his new blog which he (Adrian) writes for Stamp Magazine.

Today I am re -plugging Ian Billings who is no stranger to us (Norvic Philatelics) and blogs about British Stamps. Ian's Blog is always up to date with the latest news, and I am not afraid to say his articles are without doubt most interesting and informative. With his permission much of his material describing new, past and current Machins has been reproduced here on Machin Mania at one time or another.

Ian's latest post is a gem and describes the 68p definitive hidden code and the Machin pane from The Dhal prestige pane which due to be issued in January of next year. I have no intention of repeating his work today but do recommend that you click the link to his site and read the information (and comments) for your self. Well done Ian and Richard P for the scan, and many thanks to you both for sharing your knowledge.

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