Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Machin News January 2012

Retail definitive book to be released on 6 February printed by Walsall 12 x 1st-class definitives will have a security code incorporated into the background print. I am reliably informed this will be at the rear of the queens head ie: DIAMTND

The definitive Diamond Jubilee Miniature sheet has the code DIAMMND. Stamps on this sheet-let have no phosphor bands, it seems the Royal Mail have reverted back to (AOP) All Over Phosphor for this issue.

Business sheet Walsall 100 x 1st-class Business sheet is expected to have the code DIAMBND.

Codes for forthcoming large definitves issues are not yet known. These are to be released on 27th March and consist of Counter sheet Walsall 1st-class Large. As these are to be in counter sheets no code is expected for this issue.

Business sheet (Walsall ) 50 x 1st-class Large, some sort of code is expected on stamps from this and the Retail book (Walsall) 4 x 1st-class Large.

This one will be interesting, to be issued on 31st May a Retail definitive booklet to be printed by Walsall. It will contain 4 x 1st-class Jubilee definitives + 2 x 1st-class Diamond Jubilee Commemoratives . It is expected to have a C code incorporated for customised, the code DIAMCND perhaps?

No news of the forthcoming April rate increase as yet, but you can be sure that there will definitaly be one in the pipe line and some new Machins + Regionals to boot.

The stamp quiz is well on the way, to date we have seven contestants that have sent in replies (we need more) so if you have not yet entered please do so without delay.

The Latest Deegam Report has now been published online it contains some interesting reading on Horizon Labels and their grouping. A must read if you collect this type of material.


Anonymous said...

you do not mention if a year code will be present

Machin Man said...

Is is thought that the year of issue (12)was not needed as these jubilee stamps will only be printed in 2012.

I have read that they will actually revert back to red in place of the gold colour we have become accustomed to.


DaveM said...

Could you please give info as to how it is possible to acquire one of the Diamond Jubille covers franked in Birmingham, mentioned in the 4 Dec blog. Many thanks

Machin Man said...

Reply to Dave M

The cover mentioned is available from BFDC (Adrian Bradbury)


Product number 38046