Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Jubilee Machins Code B - Large

There is not much happening at the moment, other than the fact that I can now confirm the hidden code on the Large Jubilee Machin from the latest Large letter Business sheet.
The Business Sheets are printed by Walsall (as expected) and (unexpectedly) have the Type 1 Security Cut. The stamps have the security Code Letter JUBIL-B-E and the printing date (seen to date) is 26/01/12.
After the report of the 76p with M12L codes found on eBay I popped into my local post office and asked if they had received any new stocks of the £1.10p and £1.65p with M12L date. This was due to the fact that Douglas reminded me that they were printed from the same set of cylinders as seen from the grids on cylinder blocks.
I was informed that they still have a good stocks of the earlier supplies so a re-order will not happen just yet.
Before I close I must apologise to Charlie and other people who leave comments. I stated that I had removed the verification boxes which stopped robots leaving messages. Unfortunately I have had to reinstate this facility as my mail box was inundated with spam comments which do not actually appear on site, but do manage to find their way into my email inbox. Crazy eh?
It makes me think, clever things these robots, especially when the majority of people I know do not even know how to send an email :-)


Brian Morris said...

I have not yet seen the 1st class large Diamond Jubilee stamps from business sheets printed by Walsall but if they are a Type 1 cut in the security slits as you say then this is a first for Walsall. The first security printings by De La Rue had the type 1 cuts but Walsall have always had a small cut in their security slits.
It will be interesting to see if they really are as stated.

Machin Man said...
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Machin Man said...


Here is an upadate on the Business sheet LARGE LETTER jubilee stamps.

According to Ian Billings on his blog he has gleaned this information from an ebay seller

"Printed by Walsall Security Printers. These stamps have the Diamond Jubilee overlay. Date = 26/01/12. SSN = 0156293 - Printed Vertically. Type 1 Security Cut = NO INTERUPTED CUT on 'Paper Clip' Top and Bottom.

Brian Morris said...

I have now seen the Walsall printing of the 1st class large Diamond Jubilee issue and can also confirm the security slit is TYPE 1 which is the first time Walsall has used this on any of their security stamps.

Deegam said...

The small format jubilee stamp from Walsall business sheets, code B, exists with short bars at the top (Deegam S16) from their second printing on 16 January. (Their first printing was on 13 Jan.) The right bar is also inset slightly but not by enough to qualify as Deegam I2.

Anonymous said...

The problem returns. I can understand the need for some security but this particular Captcha program is what I had commented about.
Today I think I can figure it out. But there have been days when I tried several times to decypher the secret code and finally gave up in disgust.
Disgust, not at your use of a secret code, but disgust at the fact that I got it wrong several times. Since I am admittdly more than a little loquacious, gergarious, or long winded, (You can pick one)
I participate in perhaps eight or more discussion groups, often daily, several of which also use a security system but providing letters and numbers in block form that I can almost always figure out on the first try.
So I think my suggestion was not against all security programs but against this one that sets obstacles that are very frustrating.