Friday, 13 April 2012

Back At My Desk

Just a quick few lines to let everyone know I am back at my own house in Spain and in charge of my own computer at long last (heaven).

Hopefully over the next week or so I can now catch up with some work, and maybe write some news on Machins for you.

Just to catch up:

I was really suprised to see how much interest the last post generated, I had several emails asking where the biscuit tins could be obtained. For those of you that did not get a personal reply here is one company that has them on sale at 9.99 Euros. Do not go and pay £53 + postage :-)

Contents include : The tin (which I guess most are interested in) Jam Sandwich Creams - Custard Creams- Chocolate Chip Cookies- Dark Chocolate Digestive- Milk Chocolate Coated Digestive Cloverleaf- Milk Chocolate Digestive- Choc Crumble- Oat Crunch Creams- Golden Shortie (shortbread)- Shortcake.

If you can not wait to use your tin , just get this lot (above) down your neck, indigestion tablets can be obtaind from most chemists or corner shops for a pound or so :-)

1 comment:

Brian Morris said...

Even buying this from Cologne's English Shop mentioned in your link and adding the postage from Cologne to the UK it would still be cheaper than £53.00. I hope the biscuits were worth it.
I think I will wait until they are in my local supermarkets at about £5.00 with no postage.