Sunday, 20 May 2012

2nd Class Business Sheet (Short band Top)

I have just come across this from a Business sheet of 100 x 2nd security NVIs (top panel only) Printed in gravure by Walsall 25/04/2012. The stamps have source code B and year code M12L.

From another image (same seller) I think the security cuts are type 2 with wide gaps and a central 4.5mm phosphor bar. DG (S1)  The direction of print on this issue is inverted.

The seller describes the stamps as :

"2nd class M12L - MBIL, Very Short Phosphor at top.  The full top panel of 4 stamps from a 2nd class business sheet, printed by Walsall and dated 25/04/2012

The stamps have very short phosphor at the top, well clear of the perforations and not even onto the white border. For your information, all my single short band top stamps in my other listing are from top panels. This is because the other 96 stamps on every sheet were full phosphor band, strange?"

A second error (single) from the same seller is for a stamp short at the bottom. DG (S2)

Described as:

2nd class M12L - MBIL, Short Phosphor at bottom. A single stamp from a 2nd class Walsall business sheet, FSC C023216. The stamp has short phosphor at the bottom, clear of the perforations, see scan. Excuse the poor image, I struggled to get a good clear picture for this one. There is a good clearance between phosphor and the perforations. For information, these were from the bottom row of the business sheet (8 stamps), the other 92 stamps were full band, that is why I have no top panel (from this sheet) for sale.

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