Saturday, 9 June 2012

Prestige Booklet Stamp Printings

Reading the comment left by Brian Morris.

" I know that Walsall own Cartor but it would be useful to know who printed the stamp panes.

I was lead to believe that Walsall here in the UK print in gravure but Cartor in France only have litho presses. Some time ago I remember reading somewhere that prestige stamp books were going to be printed in lithography because this process is much cheaper that gravure and with shorter print runs on PSB it made it more economical. Can anyone throw some light on this subject?"

I have not managed to find the answer to your question. But you are correct we were informed that all Prestige Booklets would be printed in litho, it seems things can change.

Swapping and changing between printers is nothing new (without notice). It appears that Walsall were the printers of all the panes in the booklet and the printing process is as yoou pointed out gravure. As the FS code belongs to Cartor is it possible that Cartor printed the covers?

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Trelantis said...

As far as I can tell from previous recent PSBs, Walsall (gravure) print the Machin panes and Cartor (litho) print the other panes and the book.