Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Machin News August 2012

Well with all the Olympic winners stamps ( Sir Chris Hoy being the latest) and 22 to date taking the headlines there is not much to report on any new Machins or varieties. So I will have to revert to forth coming news of 2012 issues and previous speculation.

For certain we can look forward to at least two more Machin issues this year.

On the 27th September 2012 a  Retail stamp book will be issued printed by Walsall. This will contain  4 x 1st-class Jubilee Machin definitives and  2 x 1st-class Classic Locomotives of Scotland. No doubt with code C
Another to look forward to this year issue date 1st October 2012 is the Jubilee Retail stamp book to be printed by Walsall. This will contain  6 x 1st-class Diamond Jubilee definitives (a new stamp with code S).

We speculated some months ago that the colour of first class stamps may change next year (back to that of Red). If this were the case it would give us new stamps (large and small) from 1st class business sheets. It has now been confirmed that the colour of  Red officially known as flame will be back. Perhaps this is to preserve and remember the GB Olympic Flame? A date of 3rd January 2013 for the change over is reported. 

When I first heard of a possible colour change I did not give a thought to what other1st class issues would  be affected by this change, but thinking about it now its pretty obvious there will be others.

Ian has given us some new information on this via his blog and suggests,  6 x 1st, 12 x 1st and 4 x 1st Large Stamp Books will change. It is also possible that 1st Class Business Rolls of 10,000 will be affected.

Ian also updates us to the possibility that the 50p definitives and £1.00 values will also have a colour change. The 50p stamps were due to be reprinted at the beginning of this year, with a change from that of grey to rust. If you remember Royal Mail then changed their minds.  

More news: (Again from Ian) this time affecting the make up value stamps from counter sheets. It seems that the 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p make up values will be reprinted and revert to have an iridescent overprint incorporated to the design.

Thanks Ian (what would we do without you)


GBStamps said...

Personally, I consider flame to be more of an orange than a red, but perhaps I'm being too picky.


Ian - Norvic said...

I think the 1st class stamps will be RED rather than flame - think how TNT has orange as a corporate colour and used that on some stamps they produced here (and in Holland I think).

Don't be surprised to see our new 1st class stamps as Royal Mail red - why else would they change the ruby £1?