Thursday, 18 October 2012

Seeing Red

New information  regarding the new Red Machins due in January 2013

As well as the customised booklets (code C) expect several more new stamps. As well as 1st Class Business Sheet (100) ,  1st Class Large Business Sheet (50) the  other new versions that will be made available are code (S) from the  6 x 1st booklet, code (T) from the  12 x 1st booklet and code (F) from 4 x 1st Large Retail booklets.


The re-print 50p originally light grey will be changed to slate grey. Judging by the comments from Royal Mail it is assumed that the earlier 50p stamps were causing slight problems with sorting machinery.

The new colour for the £1 is (Wood Brown), presumably the change is because the current colour Ruby is to near the new 1st class colour red.


Robert said...

Surely it's the other way round for the 50p - they're going from light grey to slate grey?

Machin Man said...

You are correct Robert, it will be interesting to compare the two. I will change these over (reverse the text) on my next update.