Saturday, 15 June 2013

Away For A While

You may think it is strange that I live on the south coast of Spain and I am going on holiday for a while, for about a month actually. It is not that I need a holiday but my wife does, she can not stand the heat of mid summer for to long.

July and August are the hottest months here on the Costa Blanca, they are also the main months when we get invaded by swarms of holiday makers, so we thought why not take a trip to somewhere its a lot cooler and leave it to others to swelt in the heat and bake themselves to a crisp.

I will be back in about four to six weeks or so, until then if you order stamps from this blog or from my website I will not be able to complete the transaction until I return. By the way thanks to the people who ordered the pig booklets. I hope you are pleased with the deal.

Best wishes,


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