Sunday, 1 September 2013

Merchant Navy Machin Pane

It is great to have so many Machin collectors and dealers describing in detail so much Machin material through the medium of the internet. What would we do without you?

I wish to name just a couple at the moment who have brought to my attention some strange goings on concerning the mixed Machin Pane from the Merchant Navy Prestige booklet.

 Douglas Myall and Ian Billings have both commented that the ellipses are inverted on this this pane. I have also managed to obtain a pic of the actual 5p and 50p stamps thanks to Ians blog.

Ian suggests that the perforating frame was set up this way in error, and all the panes he has seen to date are the same.So although this very different to the norm and a great talking point do not expect that this will be a scarce variety. 

All of the prestige panes are printed by Enschede so they will be a new variety, the background codes are as we expected, M13L and MPIL . This is just one more reason why we as a group love to collect Machins. There is always something new to add to our ever bulging albums and also in mine Douglas,s and Ians cases something different to write about.  

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Deegam said...

All four panes in this book were printed by Enschede in lithography.