Thursday, 20 February 2014

Postings And A Few Years Down the Line

It has been roughly seven years or so since Larry and I started posting on this blog and we have covered hundreds of Machin related posts and topical themes in this time.

Now seven years is lot of time in the life of the Machin and so much has changed in the form, format and design of this iconic stamp in this time. We have tried to keep up with all the changes over the years, but I can honestly say due to the fact there is so much to write about we have not covered every aspect.

In actual fact it is hard for me to even remember what we have actually wrote about so please do forgive me if I sometimes repeat myself. I keep getting requests from people asking questions about one thing or another which most of them I know we have covered in one on form or another.

If you have any questions that are Machin related, before you contact me please use the search box in the top left corner. Just type in your query and a list of results will pop up before your very eyes. This saves you a lot of time searching through past posts just in the hope that you may come across the information you are looking for.

At one time I used to have a list of index posts, but keeping this up to date was a laborious task. To give you an idea I just typed in the word index and straight away this page came into veiw

Now for something completely different.. How many specialised Machin collectors also collect pictorial regional s? As they are not Machin related we do not write about these very often but I have decided to mention them today and give myself a plug at the same time.

If you are one of these collectors you may be interested in my latest eBay sales of which I have two listed with the right band inset from the perforations. The first is a the Welsh 72p DG WP72.1.2A (phosphor inset right) from the Lest We Forget miniature sheet.

The second from the same sheet is the Northern Ireland 72p DG NP72.2.1B

Both are catalogued in the region of about £10.00 each and they are on offer starting at just £1.45 each. To make it interesting I have also included the poppy stamp (inset right) as a free gift + combined postage if the same person secures both lots.

If you fancy a bid, here is the link.

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