Thursday, 6 March 2014

Price Rise, Four New Machins

Ian Billings has written about the new price rises due in April this year. As we expected there will be several (4) new Machins in the mix.

81p Holly Green 
97p Purple Heather
£1.47 Dove Grey
£2.15 Marine Turquoise 

There will also be 97p country definitives x4

Unfortunately as I am returning to the UK for three or four weeks I do not have the time to expand on Ians blog. Catch you on my return.

To read the whole story here is the link


Brian Morris said...

Year 14 codes are starting to appear along with the four new values which all have M14L code the 2nd class standard counter sheet also found with M14L year code.

Christopher Bett said...

Dove Grey! A curious, insipid colour choice. What drove this decision?