Thursday, 3 April 2014

New Machins

After three long weeks I have arrived back from my trip to the UK. When one is away and returns there are always a few jobs to do, if you have a spouse like me you will no doubt know that she will find many things to do!

Some small jobs I have completed, many others are on the back burner until, in Spanish , Manana. 

This means "tomorrow". Although if you say la mañana, it means "morning"My version for the saying is mañana with a small m which means "later". This later can mean a week later or two years later. As I am an easy going type of chap I think it is a is a great word, very relaxed and vague., my second favorite Spanish word after my first favorite English word, Machin. 

Now here is the word Machin, and some pics of the new stamps.

Thats it for today, it is time for my second favorite Spanish word, siesta! 
Dont you love it when a plan comes together?

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