Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Happy Holidays

I join Roy in wishing all of you Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year. And, of course, thanks to all of you who have read, commented and/or contributed to this blog.

I found this Christmas card which we Machin Maniacs can certainly relate to. You can't see the details, but under each color are the CMYK values. The card is called "CMYK Paint Chip Christmas Tree."

I guess I am lucky in that the ladies of my family (wife and two daughters) do most of the decorating, shopping and wrapping. I help to set up the tree (and later take it down), but after that I pretty much get to eat and enjoy.

(Before any of you get jealous, I should note that I have my fair share of year-round roles, such as dish washer, that do not have any vacation breaks.)

And, like Roy, to keep this topical, here's one of our own "paint chip" souvenir sheets.

Best wishes to all.


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