Thursday, 8 January 2015

Machin Auction Watch

When I have a few minutes to spare I often troll through a few auction sites just to see if anything interesting is up for sale. This week I have picked out a couple of items that are up for grabs.

Mixed ellipse Boots Label

The first on my list has a starting price at very cheeky £1.00. So far with two days and five hours to go bids are just at £2.50. The item in question is that of the Boots label with mixed ellipses (ellipse S at the left and ellipse R on the right.)

Alan Wilson Forgery's

The second and third items that I report on are up for sale also. They first reared there ugly heads at auction in 1995. These stamps are well documented along with several others from the same stable.

Wilson sold several Machin stamps by misrepresentation and was prosecuted for fraud, he received a suspended sentence together with a £30,000 fine. The worst punishment was that of losing his good name as a specialized dealer.

The stamps shown are both forgery's described as FCP/PVA 2½p Broad band right and FCP/PVA 3p Broad band left.They are stamped FORGERY on the reverse. Both are offered on the original Wilson sale cards together with a copy of the letter from the Bedfordshire police which is interesting itself.

These item were originally purchased from Phoenix International Auctions almost 20 years ago. Judging by the letter I am assuming they were originally confiscated by the police and used in evidence at hearing.

Although The seller states " I have not seen any other Wilson forgeries offered for sale in that period, and they are scarce and of great philatelic interest and significance. I seem to remember Wilson forgery's for sale a few years back along with the Bedfordshire police letter but for the life of me I can not remember which values they were.

Never the less I would not bid on these. I could just create my own and stamp them FORGERY saving myself the auction costs and a £30,000 fine :-)


Mahatma Khote said...

"forgery's". Tut!!

RogerB said...

The information about Alan Wilson is not 100% accurate and you state his forgeries were originally offered by `phoenix International which is not true. The writer wasn't able to remember which other Machins Wilsom was involved in but if he'd have done his homework properly, that information was available and still is. I ran Phoenix International and have the full story and facts if anyone cares to request it.
Roger B West (Avion Thematics)