Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Penny Black Anniversary Europhilex Specials

Roy briefly mentioned that there would be some special Penny Black Anniversary products available only at Europhilex. There is more information now on the Europhilex web site.

One is a special version of the souvenir sheet enclosed in a special exhibition pack, pictured above. The souvenir sheet has a show overprint around the frame of the block of four stamps and is numbered (the printing is limited to 7,500 copies). The backing card has a history of British international stamp exhibitions written by John Holman. The pack will sell for £4.95, compared to £3.05 for the presentation pack with the standard souvenir sheet. (Face value of the miniature sheet is £2.52.)

I read somewhere that the pack is limited to one per person per day, though unless they take your name and fingerprint, it probably really means one per purchase. 

Of interest is that Rushstamps has already stated that they will buy these packs for £10 in cash or £12 in credit, right there on the show floor (in their booth opposite Royal Mail's stand) until they reach their requirements. 

There will also be a stamp card picturing the overprinted souvenir sheet for 45p.

There will be other postal and non-postal limited edition items, including the set of 15 cards that have been distributed at various shows over the past two years and a set of prints done on the Sperati Press that is on display at the show. Information about these and others is on the show web site.


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Steve Persighetti said...

Rushstamps have a "Europhilex Special" on Ebay at £100!! (Item 271855435710).