Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Penny Black 1840 - 2015

Over the past weeks both Larry and myself have wrote about the 175th anniversary of the Penny Black and the various products that were released by the Royal Mail. We also mentioned the Exhibition held at the Business design Center in London where limited edition presentation packs (7500) were offered to people who attended.

As well as the presentation packs there were other limited edition products available to the public, one in particular is a postcard which was limited to 7500.

I did not attend the exhibition myself as we had our house on the market and I had to house sit here in Spain whilst my wife was in the UK.

Larry who traveled from the USA did attend and being a good  friend offered and sent me one of each of the two limited edition products. Thanks Larry you know how grateful I am , when you read this I bet you wish you had been more observant and perhaps kept them a little longer.

Now let me explain. If you look at the postcard (below) that you gave me you will notice the number as 1840 of 7500. This is as you now will be aware is the year that the penny black was first issued. I know this a just a coincidence but it makes the postcard more special in my eyes. As there is only one Number 1840 this now converts to Number 1 of 1, it is also uncanny .

In your post of the 21st April you showed a picture of the limited edition Presentation pack, this is the uncanny part, just check the number on the picture of presentation pack that you posted online.

It is my guess these two products came as a pair. Perhaps now that I have bought it to your attention you may like it back to keep the pair together. If so no problem,  just let me know.

Before you take this seriously please read the comments


Robert said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but all the Royal Mail images of the special pack show the sheet with number 1840, as on the postcard and this is undoubtedly what larry used to illustrate his piece. Both of these are mock-ups (just look at the perforations). The sheet with number 1840 must exist but no doubt someone in Royal Mail will have pocketed it for themeselves before the packs went on sale at the exhibition.

Machin Man said...

Thanks Robert

Now I feel so stupid and I am as sick as a parrot. LOL

Still it gave me something to write about even if it was just RUBBISH and wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

Pack number 1840 of 7500 is in the BPMA in London for safe keeping.