Monday, 18 April 2016

50 Years And Counting

And I Call myself a Machin Maniac !

Did you know or even realise that on the 22nd of March this year we entered the 50th year of the Machin?

I have to be perfectly honest but it slipped right past me, I did not give it a thought. In fact if I had not read it on GBStamps earlier today I would not even be writing this now,

As my wife is still away in the UK I was not thinking about posting but was pondering on what to cook for my dinner. Well that is that one solved, it looks like it will now be a take a way.  Indian or Chinese?

Anyway back to the birthday celebrations.

The author writes in his post

"I very much doubt there will ever be another GB definitive stamp issue to rival the longevity, complexity yet simple and iconic design of Great Britain's Machin definitive stamp series. Not only is it unlikely a future monarch will reign long enough in the foreseeable future, but it also seems inevitable the traditional lick or peel postage stamp will, I believe, succumb to the relentless march of the tech age. 

As HM The Queen is about to celebrate her 90th Birthday, it is fair to say this wonderful series of stamps is now closer to its end than its birth in its fiftieth year of use"

90th Birthday: The cat is out of the bag.

Ian has wrote on his blog (not a happy chappie) that someone is actually selling the 90th birthday mixed retail booklet on eBay. 

Before you nip over to the Norvic Blog I recommend you go over and read the full account of the 50th birthday musings.  After that you might also take a preview (although sill under embargo) of  the account that has been written about the secret 90th birthday miniature sheet that is due to be issued soon and a peek at the mixed special issue retail booklet. By the way after reading it I guessed straight away what the June mixed booklet will contain. 

Thanks for your articles, And just in case you are wondering I chose Indian


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