Friday, 28 October 2016

It Is Official - No AB3 Notation

During the later months of 2015 the phosphor used on Machin defininative stamps had a minor change due to the fact Royal Mail sourced a new supplier.

It is now known through extensive inquiries carried out by Douglas Mayall and others that the basic composition of the compound still remains the same. As this has not changed there will not be a new AB3 notation as reported in June.

There is a slight difference as is not as bright under the UV lamp as that used previously. Eagle eyed collectors first noticed that the change over was made in September  2015.

For completeness some collectors and dealers have now started to prepare lists of 2015 Machins with both bright and dull phosphors. Please note that all  printings with 2016 year codes have the newer duller phosphor. Below Bright and dull phosphors.



This is a list to date of the stamps (known) with 2015 year codes that exist with both bright and dull phosphor.  It should also be noted that all newer 2015 dated  counter sheets printings after these dates shown will be of the duller type. 

Stamps from Counter Sheets

1p             05/11/15
2p             28/09/15
5p             06/11/15
10p           30/09/15
20p           01/10/15
50p           06/11/15
£1             12/11/15

1st purple     18/09/15
1st Large      01/10/15
2nd class      29/09/15
2nd Large     03/09/15
1st Signed    13/11/15

It is sure that certain booklet stamps and business sheets with both bright and dull phosphor exist. Further studies are taking place, the information will be forth coming sometime in the future.

Known stamps from Business Sheets with and without Security Backing Paper 

BS  2nd class    2015?
BS  2nd Large  2015?
BS 1st class       2015?
BS  1st Large    2015?


Paul Dexter said...

Hello Larry.

As you know I produce a list of known security variations since their official inception of 2009.
I have noticed that in your list of identified "Dull" phosphor issues of 2015 you record a 50p having such variation.
This leads puzzles me as I have no previous information from other sources that a "15" 50p security stamp has been issued from sheets and the only source of 50p for that year is from a PSB?
I do not have this PSB and could you therefore confirm this is from that booklet and, consequently, the other Machins within that booklet are also "Dull", or, there is a 50p "15" sheet printing out there?
Paul D

Machin Man said...

Hi Paul

According to Douglas Myall (Deegam Report 119)the 50p stamps exists on both dull and bright phosphor from the sheet printings. Bright has the last issue date of 06/05/15. The dull issue date is listed as 06/11/15. DG NUMBER 50.21.5

Douglas also suggests that a £1.00 make up value may exist, also stamps from booklet panes may have the dull phosphor. He does not say that these are prestige booklet panes.

I hope this helps.


Paul Dexter said...

Hello Roy

Thank you for the info and confirm the only known reference to me of the 50p "15" Counter Sheets is the Deegam 119 update and of course your own website.

I would be grateful if you, or anybody, could find further confirmation for me so I may add to my list, i would be grateful.

Many Thanks

Paul D

Roy Simpson said...

Thanks for your comments Paul,

Reading Deegam Report 119 again. I notice that this may be a mistake by Douglas. (we all make them).

The DG number he quotes and the issue dates are the same as for the 5p value. IE DG50.21.05. 50p should read 500.21.05. I will email Douglas and ask his advice on this matter.

Machin Man said...

Sorry for any confusion.

Douglas has confirmed that this is a mistake. i have deleted the 50p value from the list.