Friday, 18 November 2016

One We Missed And Some Machin Gems

Due to internet coverage (what would we do without it?) we all now know about of the font / text change on the booklet covers that were rolled out on 20th October 2016. Or do we?

The Padlock design booklet 6 x 1st was released in July as a fore runner, The first red Machin with Ml16 / MSIL coding. This cover still had the old type font.

Thanks to Alan B who drew my attention to to it I can now report that A new padlock design booklet 6 x 1st  was also released on the 20/10/16 with the Chevin font on the cover. Have you got your copy?

old type font / text

new Chevin font / text

Machin Gems

Last week I had a virtual trip around some of the main auction houses, something I do now and again just to see what has come on to the market that is different from the norm or unusual.

Here is my pick of the bunch, I hope you enjoy them.

Number 1:

Booklet pane 20p/26p x 7 se-tenant Questa Pane DP278, five and half panes together in a part uncut booklet pane sheet with binding margin at the top showing Q1 Q1 above the third pane. Price realised £380.

Number 2:

Multi value pane DP123 from the 1989 Scots Connection prestige booklet. A variety that is completely imperforated. Price realised £820. 

Number 3:

Booklet pane 6p/25p multi value pane DP216 from the Northern Ireland prestige booklet. The 6p value displaying a 22mm shift to the left. SG UH15A. Price realised £3200

Number 4:

Booklet Pane 19p/25p multi value pane DP226 from the National Trust prestige booklet, partly imperfororated, top row completely imperf, The second row partly imperf, and the third row normal. Price realised £1250.

Number 5:

World Changers se-tenant pane DP296 with the right hand column imperforated, and the central column partially imperf due to a perforation shift, The phosphor bands are misplaced and the rouletting is also misplaced with one line through the right hand column. The pane is slightly larger vertically than issued and without stitching holes. This could be printers waste. Price realised £800.

Number 6:

Another se-tenant pane from £5.00 Scots Connection prestige booklet, imperforate to the top row and half the middle  row. The lower row normally perforated, small band at foot.Price realised £450

Number 7:

Booklet pane 13p x 9 Machins. DP97 from P&O prestige booklet. Miscut horizontally. Price realised £270

 Number 8:

My last pick of the bunch is A
pane from the 1980 Wedgewood Prestige booklet. Pane DP42. The booklet value and inscription are omitted from the label. This rarity is cat at £1800. Price realised UNSOLD

I hope you enjoyed seeing these. A nice bunch eh?

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Paul said...

Some lovely errors there, especially No.3. Have to say I got a bargain then as I bought a copy of No.5 for a third of that price and have seen it advertised with Brandon stamps at £400.